Allan holding what seems to be alcoholic beverage


Building online strategies through designs and content

Likes: Pushing boundaries then recharging one day a week.

Amber in her traditional war-paint


Social marketing and web specialist with a love of the hospitality sector

Likes: Lots of holidays the good life and never ending party cocktails.

Chloe looking amazing ready for a crazy night in!


Social Media & web promotions with office admin

Likes: Makeup and fashion and her very own Sam.

Sent us this instead of a lit photograph


Creative works with images in Social and Web

Likes: Drawing cool stuff and practising power saving modes.

Hank in an English country garden


Writer by profession, chef by nature

Likes: Dank memes & clean illustration.

Samantha posing in some official Disney clothing


Social Marketing guru with eyes on everything and fingers in the web

Likes: Greek waiters and Jim Caviezel (Reese) with Moussaka and red wine.

Dark style mysterious pro pic of Sinead


Creative writer and marketing buzz expert

Likes: Crazy horse riding, Bath cocktails and choosing cars and lots of travel.

Elaine wearing a more mellow lei


Making sure everything goes smoothly and adds up

Likes: Sipping Ouzo on many of the favourite Greek Islands.

Closeup of Sophie taken poolside


Social promotions specialist with a focus on web

Likes: The very best fine dining and sunbathing and running… a lot!

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